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Ubihere Launches Crowdfunding Campaign on StartEngine to Transform Tracking, Locating, Mapping in Areas without GPS

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Ubihere, a company that develops real-time, artificially intelligent spatial awareness solutions that allow for accurate tracking of location, movement, and actions in complex environments, has launched an equity crowdfunding campaign on StartEngine. Ubihere’s solutions use next-generation location systems to keep track of items in GPS-deprived environments such as remote, mountainous regions; or in office and hospital corridors.

By unlocking this data, Ubihere provides its customers with the intelligence needed to make valuable real-time business decisions.

Approximately $1.1 trillion worth of capital is tied up in business assets and inventory. A medium-sized hospital, for instance, can have hundreds of mobile healthcare devices spread out throughout the organization. If they’re not placed in the proper location, clinicians can be delayed in the care and treatment of their patients and the organization may face serious clinical, operational, and financial risks.

According to Mark Shaker, who served as CEO of Miami Valley Hospitals from 2012–18, lost hospital equipment is a huge problem. He says a typical hospital will lose $50 million a year from lost or stolen equipment. Moreover, according to a recent survey of hospital nurses, one-third of respondents said they spent an average of 1 hour each shift trying to find commonly used hospital equipment.

“Our launch market is in healthcare where we will sell Ubitrax and Ubivision to large medical centers to support real-time asset management and process improvement,” says Eric Wagner, Ubihere Executive VP of Government Programs. “We have the technology to help organihzations recover vast amounts of money, and essentially disrupt inventory management as we know it.”

Current tracking systems require expensive infrastructure and rely heavily on the company’s internal systems, placing undue stress on the systems and the teams running them. Ubihere’s patented technologies extract data from either a video stream or custom sensor hardware tracking tags to provide precise, real-time information about assets and people without the need for extensive infrastructure modifications or costs.

Ubihere is developing two commercial product lines based on its geospatial awareness patent that are customizable and easily implemented:

  • Ubitrax, a comprehensive hardware tag tracking solution, allows customers to track assets, equipment, and workers or patients indoors and across their facilities.  Ubihere’s integral technology leverages multi-sensor hardware tracking tags along with machine-learning software to render data on a given object’s position and movement. The result is location monitoring with a much higher degree of accuracy compared to legacy geolocation tools. Its range of hardware from low-cost Bluetooth tags; to high-end, self-aware tags, allows customers to install Ubitrax with minimal infrastructure required.
  • Ubivision is a small, low-cost, self-contained camera that can process and present actionable analytics from any video stream. Requiring no external RF stimulus (GPS), it uses a patented AI system that processes real-time sensor data to determine current position or calculate navigation and has received more than $11 million in research and development at the Ohio State University in support of the  “Return to the Moon” and “Mission to Mars” programs.

Ubihere arose when NASA needed to know how future colonies of astronauts and autonomous rovers could navigate accurately on extraterrestrial planets without GPS. The space agency turned to The Ohio State University and Dr. Alper Yilmaz, head of the nationally renowned Photogrammetric Computer Vision Lab.

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