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SwissDrones Operating AG Launches in Asia-Pacific

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From Preventing wildfires to inspecting power lines and conducting emergency response missions, Australia and the Asia Pacific Region have long depended on the use of manned rotorcraft. However, because many of these missions require rotorcraft to operate over long distances, at night, during all weather conditions, in remote areas, and with limited to no infrastructure, these operations are inherently dangerous. But now there is the SDO 50 V2 – a safer, cheaper, and cleaner way of conducting critical missions. Developed by SwissDrones Operating AG, a global developer, manufacturer, and operator of long-range unmanned helicopter systems, the SDO 50 V2 is a multipurpose, Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL), unmanned helicopter system that can be operated within or beyond visual line of sight. Its unique design features provide superior payload capacity (45 kg/99 lbs, including fuel), long-endurance (3+ hours), stable flight patterns, the ability to carry single or multiple high-quality sensors, and a high degree of safety features. An integrated autopilot system enables autonomous take-off and landing procedures as well as autonomous flight patterns

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