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PDRL’s AeroGCS to prevent Misuse of Indian Drones through NPNT solution

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PDRL's AeroGCS to prevent Misuse of Indian Drones through NPNT solution

Recent newsflash on airbase by drones has pulled public attention and raised concerns for security forces, individuals as well as entities using drones for business purposes. Certainly, the mishappening has caused irreversible damage, and required measures are being taken to prevent future incidents of this nature. Multiple solutions are being talked about for risk mitigation from misuse of drones. One of such solutions is following strict use of NPNT (No Permission No Take-off) compliance set by the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). When NPNT software solution is used by drone manufacturer for their drones, their misuse can be fully avoided even if the drones fall in hands of some notorious third party.

Passenger Drone Research Private Limited (PDRL) is a start-up that hails from the divine city of Nashik and excels in drone technologies and related software solutions. PDRL has indigenously developed drone management software which goes by the name of “AeroGCS”. The complete software stack is being used by majority of Indian drone manufacturers to adhere to NPNT compliance. The software has capability to communicate with the drone flight authorization system (Digital Sky platform) setup by the Director General of Civil Aviation. It allows the permission artefact that is the Flight Permission Data to securely transport from Digital Sky platform to drone firmware. The software ensures that drone only flies with pre-authorisation from Digital Sky platform and only in the permitted geo area. The software stack from PDRL takes care of three important aspect of permissions.

  1. Flying within the permitted geo-fence area
  2. To fly only up to the permitted altitude and
  3. To fly only in the approved & permitted time slot.

If the solution finds any violation of above rules, then the secured drone firmware that is part of AeroGCS stack, ensures that the drone safely return to the take-off point automatically, and all logs are recorded for thorough analysis.

AeroGCS software stack offers highest level of L1 security for drone flights. The software ensures secure upgradation of drone firmware using digital certificates using validated digital keys. It is important to note that AeroGCS does not permit to change any airworthiness parameter of the drone. On top of this, the software offers capability to track the drone live during complete tenure of flight providing complete flight visibility to the drone operator.

Majority of the Indian drone manufacturers rely on AeroGCS for security of their drone operations. AeroGCS software assures the drone manufacturer/operator, that their drones will fly only in the permitted area, for permitted time, and at permitted altitude. This will help safeguard the nation’s critical infrastructure from risk of drone misuse. AeroGCS ensure that drones are used for the cause that they are made and science remains a boon to mankind.

“PDRL is on a mission to contribute in growth of Indian drone industry from last three years. AeroGCS is a unique commercially available drone platform in the Indian market with 100% indigenization. AeroGCS is also available in various other editions to support global drone manufacturers and drone service providers through AeroMegh platform. PDRL is expanding globally through its distribution partners spread across continents,” stated PDRL CEO Mr. Anil Chandaliya.

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