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Introducing the first Drone Logistics Ecosystem

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Drone Logistics Ecosystem

Freespace OperationsDragonfly Pads, and AirGo Design today announced the introduction of a Drone Logistics Ecosystem to address the evolving drone logistics market for urban, regionally and at sea mid-mile and last mile deliveries. The aim of the Drone Logistics is to work on standardization of the drone delivery technologies by working on innovative solutions such as the delivery systems, vertiport universal charging stations, safety, and reliability etc.

In a recent report by Deloitte, the drone delivery industry was expected to grow to a $58 billion industry by 2035. The current courier, postal and delivery industry was valued at $300 billion in 2019 and drones are expected to play a significant role in not only growing this market, but also in making it more sustainable, by replacing together with electric bikes & scooters, vans and trucks, the current petrol and diesel engine vehicles in use today. Currently, the drone delivery industry is at its inception stage, and with the rapid growth of 50% CAGR, which has attracted many entrepreneurs and investors from aviation and beyond to join the cause.

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