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FIRST iZ joins the RapidSOS Partner Network to Provide “First Eyes” for Emergency Communication Centers

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FIRST iZ joins the RapidSOS Partner Network to Provide "First Eyes" for Emergency Communication Centers

RapidSOS and FIRST iZ®, powered by Genesis PULSE®, announced a partnership to provide emergency first responders and 911 telecommunicators the ability to remotely and autonomously dispatch drones. With just the click of a button in RapidSOS Portal, a solution for Emergency Communication Centers (ECCs) providing critical data to 911 telecommunicators and first responders, a drone can be automatically dispatched to the site of any alarms and incidents reported.

“This innovative partnership between RapidSOS and FIRST iZ could transform emergency response as we know it,” said Fire Chief (ret.) and DRONERESPONDERS Public Safety Alliance Director Charles Werner, “These industry leaders have prioritized the needs of public safety professionals and their communities, and are uniquely positioned to make a real difference.”

“Genesis PULSE has a track record of bringing life-saving technology and innovation to public safety,” said Jessica Reed, Vice President of Strategy and Global Partners at RapidSOS. “Working to transform emergency response requires a partnership approach, and we continuously look for industry leaders such as FIRST iZ powered by Genesis PULSE to join the RapidSOS Partner Network.”

The FIRST iZ solution leverages drone technology to enhance emergency responder’s safety and efficiency. The drone is programmed to launch autonomously from FIRST Port™, a rugged-weather protected “smart” enclosure, fly to the incident location, stream live videos, and sniff for hazardous gases. This provides first responders critical information they need, often before emergency personnel even arrive on scene.

“Making the revolutionary FIRST iZ solution accessible to the thousands of RapidSOS equipped Emergency Communication Centers worldwide is a game-changer for public safety. It allows them to enhance their current dispatch system’s inherent capabilities without requiring a large infrastructure upgrade or technology overhaul,” says Jim Nipp, President of The Genesis Group. “With the power of FIRST iZ and PULSE in partnership with RapidSOS, we are helping reduce response times and save lives.”

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