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Exponent Technology Services provides bespoke solutions by integrating unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) in day-to-day business operations to achieve greater outputs with increased efficiency and reduced costs. 

With offices in Dubai (UAE), London (UK) and Boston (USA), Exponent is a holistic drone based solutions provider that specializes in consulting, design & development, system integration and managed services solutions. Exponent’s philosophy is rooted in the ethos that any problem is surmountable given the intelligent application of technology.

Beginning with our roots in developing RFID and barcode based solutions – we have now embraced the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAS) and their ability to integrate auto-ID technologies to provide a unique set of mission capabilities that were previously not possible or even envisioned.

Exponent has developed UAS platforms with multi-functional payload/sensors that address a wide range of operational data acquisition and analytics requirements of businesses across various industry verticals such as Surveillance, Photogrammetry, Traffic Management, Asset/Infrastructure Inspection & Management, Agricultural Inspection among others.

Exponent is also the developer of the first implemented and active UTM system in Dubai with Dubai Civil Aviation Authority (DCAA).

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