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Data Link Modem Upgraded with Variable Data Rate

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Variable Data Rate

Simpulse has upgraded the software for its SL200, an SDR (Software Defined Radio) data link modem for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) that provides bi-directional transmission of data and HD video in challenging environments.

The new software update allows the radio link to be maintained even under extremely difficult conditions by utilizing a variable data rate that adapts the transmission conditions. Under good conditions, the data rate is at maximum, and when conditions become difficult, the transmission rate gradually decreases to improve the robustness of the link.

Using Simpulse’s unique process of data prioritization, which maintains robustness for chosen high-priority data, the data rate can go down to:

  • 600 kbps for commands, telemetry and low-resolution live video
  • 170 kbps for critical data such as commands/control and GPS coordinates

Under line-of-sight (LOS) conditions, reducing the data rate from 5 Mbps to 170 kbps will multiply the achievable range by four. In the same way, range and robustness can also be greatly improved under non-LOS conditions.

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