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D-Fend Solutions Offers Remote ID-Ready Counter-Drone Technology

by Editor

D-Fend Solutions, the leading counter-drone cyber takeover technology provider, announced today that its counter-small, unmanned aerial system (C-sUAS) technology, EnforceAir, already supports the remote ID rule recently passed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) that requires remote identification (remote ID) for large categories of drones in the U.S.

D-Fend’s technology is remote ID ready in the U.S., Europe and Asia.

EnforceAir offered identification capabilities prior to the passage of the FAA’s final rule, supporting unique ID per serial number, accurate location information for the drone and ground station, and additional identification parameters.

D-Fend’s system will continue to support this regulation, providing customers with updated identification information following the adoption of the law by various drone manufacturers. System operators can see the remote IDs of detected drones via EnforceAir’s intuitive graphical user interface, offering law enforcement agencies and other organizations greater visibility and data

“The entire drone ecosystem should benefit from the FAA’s rule, including drone manufacturers, who have a vested interest in ensuring that their products are not used for illegal purposes; law-abiding drone operators, who will be able to fly their drones over certain crowds and at night; and law enforcement personnel, who will obtain important information from leading counter-drone technologies about drones and operators involved in dangerous or hostile incidents,” said Zohar Halachmi, Chairman and CEO, D-Fend Solutions. “D-Fend is honored that our technology has been tested, selected and trusted by top tier U.S. government agencies and we will continue to work with them to reduce the drone threat, while ensuring our continued system evolution includes the functionality required by new rulings.”

“This new rule by my former colleagues at the FAA is an important step in better regulating drones in the United States,” said Michael Huerta, former Head of the FAA and current D-Fend Solutions’ Advisory Board Member. “I strongly believe in D-Fend’s mission to support today’s drone-powered society by making it safer and more secure, which this rule and D-Fend’s technology will help facilitate.”

D-Fend Solutions’ multi-disciplinary team is closely studying this rule to anticipate its potential effects on the counter-drone space in the U.S. and act as a trusted advisor to its clients. The company continuously upgrades and improves its technology to benefit customers and comply with applicable rules and regulations worldwide.

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