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Case Study: Power Line Inspection with Drone LiDAR

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Power Line Inspection

CHC Navigation has released the following case study that details the use of its AlphaAir 450 UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) LiDAR scanner for the inspection of power lines. The AlphaAir 450 is a lightweight mobile mapping system that combines a high-precision IMU, industrial-grade GNSS, 3D LiDAR scanner, and camera to provide long-range scanning and high-resolution imaging capabilities.

With the rapid development of civil construction and the increase in demand for electricity in recent years, the power line construction market has grown considerably. At the same time, the efficient management of these large-scale power line networks and the guarantee of reliable power transmission are becoming increasingly important to ensure economic sustainability. A one-time power outage not only results in losses for power grid companies, but can also have serious repercussions for end users and society as a whole.

With the increasing mileage of high-voltage transmission lines, traditional observation and monitoring methods are no longer sufficient to meet maintenance requirements. Therefore, more automated and smarter inspection methods are needed, and the use of airborne LiDAR sensors provides a suitable solution.

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