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Aerial Target Drone Powered by Veronte Autopilot

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Aerial Target Drone

Embention’s Veronte Autopilot for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) has been selected for integration into an aerial target drone manufactured by Kadet Defence Systems. The JX2 NG aerial target is designed for weapon training, development and evaluation, as well as an aerial test platform.

The Veronte Autopilot provides the drone with fully autonomous flight capabilities, versatility and sensor redundancy, and allows it to adapt its configuration to the requirements of different types of operations. The system is easily installed in a range of unmanned platforms powered by combustion or turbine engines.

Kadet Defence Systems’ ready-to-fly target drone solutions include all components needed for performing fully autonomous missions in harsh environments, including ground control stations, ground support equipment, and catapult launchers. The aerial targets are powered by propellers and turbojets.

Avdesh Khaitan, CEO of Kadet Defence Systems, noticed an unprecedented growth in their activities due to new applications emerging in both the defense and commercial use of UAS, stating: “Partnering with Embention allows us to efficiently integrate and continuously improve the performance of our systems, and gives our customers an edge in performance and operation while simulating hostile attacking scenarios.”

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